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About Alexander & Pelli

Alexander & Pelli, LLC began in 1989, with the association of founding partners Greg Alexander and Stan Pelli. Over the past thirty years, we have cultivated a team of attorneys who are passionate about the field of trusts and estates.

Stan has been practicing trust and estate law for more than thirty years, while Greg and Gene Gillin, who joined the firm as Of Counsel in 2019, have more than forty years of experience. Stan has been trained in a consensus based, facilitative model of mediation and incorporates those skills into his practice. Stan also has an active trust administration practice and serves as the trustee of a number of trusts. Neal Wiley, who joined us in 2016, brings the unique perspective of having served as a law clerk to one of the Orphans' Court judges in Philadelphia County. Gene complements the practice with his deep knowledge of trust and estate law, his prominence in the Probate and Trust Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association, and his status as an ACTEC Fellow. Our most recent addition, Kate Thackray, earned a master’s degree in clinical social work before pursuing a career in the law, and applies those skills by taking a holistic approach to her legal practice.

Over the years, Alexander & Pelli has also accrued a network of alumni attorneys, including Ken Levin (retired in 2016), David Wice (retired in 2019), and Laurie Gunther (retired in 2020).

All of us at Alexander & Pelli apply our skills and experience to the areas where we believe we can bring the most value to our clients. As a boutique firm that focuses on trusts and estates law, we will partner with our network of fellow attorneys whenever outside expertise is required. Most importantly, each attorney at Alexander & Pelli makes it a priority to treat our clients with compassion, and to offer practical and pragmatic solutions tailored to fit every client’s goals.